Major Programs. Major Programs are Billion dollar+ initiatives that enable infrastructure, drive innovation, and shift institutional paradigms. They are executed in exceptionally complex environments and fundamentally push the boundaries of engineering and technology. Major Programs are absolutely necessary to advance society. Yet as important as Major Programs are to people, governments, and organizations, they have a track record of being colossal failures. These initiatives are almost unanimously delivered late and over budget.  In certain cases, major programs have even financially crippled entire companies, toppled world leaders and even bankrupted nations.

At Oxon Global, we are committed to defining and delivering Major Programs on time and on budget. We are the only management consulting firm completely dedicated to Major Programs. While our competitors try to apply generic consulting frameworks and outdated project management methodologies to try to execute these complex initiatives, we create a unique solution to each unique problem. Essentially, we seek to solve the world’s most critical challenges by combining cross-industry data and expertise with breakthrough academic theory from the University of Oxford to cater a solution specific to each major program.

 Oxon Global

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