About Us

Emerging media, technology, politics and globalization have fundamentally changed the environment in which businesses operate. Yet, even today, companies are using out-dated methodologies like PMP, Six Sigma, ISO, PRINCE2, etc. to execute work. These methodologies are simply not sufficient for managing through the complexities of today’s world.

While a majority of major programs have historically been significantly delayed and tremendously over budget, not all Major Program implementations have been total failures. There are a few rare instances where certain major programs have been successfully executed. At Oxon Global, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to thoroughly understand what made these unique major programs successful. We’ve taken this perspective and combined it with breakthrough research in major program management from the University of Oxford and combined cross-industry expertise to create a unique methodology unlike any other in the world.

We understand that designing and implementing major programs on time and on budget in this complex world requires new ideas. New ideas come from bringing together unique perspectives. Oxon Global is the culmination of different professional perspectives with breakthrough research from the University of Oxford to bring successful unique solutions to unique problems.

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